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We aimed at building a feature-rich marketing tool, not just a project website: redesigned and assembled the portal's functionality, migrated 100+ articles from the previous platform, implemented SEO requirements, and prepared the resulting materials for promotion. Webflow provided us with all the necessary tools.

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Design system

We have created and launched a flexible guide to make preparing graphical materials more convenient for editors and copywriters.

Dynamic tags are divided by sites and categories and are able to additionally tag news, cases, and questions.

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Quant Guard

Go-to-market MVP for an impossible tech startup: quantum-encrypted file app for B2B business communication. Visualized the UX, fixed the user flow, built iOS and Android interfaces.

Gambit esports

A full-on digital communication support of Gambit, global esports organization and world's best CS:GO team: website, news, design, illustrations and SO MUCH MORE.