Gambit Esports

Gambit is an international esports organization. 5 teams participating in major esports categories. First team in 2021 to earn 1 mln USD in prize money.

Victories led to recognition and exposure to new audience, thus Gambit needed to keep working on their brand: make it more recognizable to international viewers and yet preserve its unique traits.

We reworked the approach to digital communication and launched their new website.

Launch project

It’s all about the first screen

First screen with a video background immediately tells you the story of what the organization is all about.

Match stats—all in one place

Esports aren’t football—it’s not as easy to follow the match results as there just aren’t as many convenient solutions on every fathomable platform. Luckily we had Abios, who are collecting data for all eports disciplines, and their expertise turned out indespensable when we were building a match results page.

35+ hand-drawn players’ avatars

For each player in every Gambit team we created their own “avatar”, all to match the new brand identity. The Gambit veterans got special recognition: they are drawn in gold at the Hall of Fame page.

Autogenerated news feed

We added a News section that serves as a infohub about Gambit by automatically publishing updates from their social media pages: VK, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All the news can be filtered by disciplines.

Technical solutions

To launch the website, we’ve picked JAMstack as the most technically advanced architecture.

To store static content, we’re using, a Headless CMS solution.

To receive match data, we’re using Abios Esports API.

To aggregate news content, we’re using social media API social media API (Twitter, VK, etc.).

To render static components and API layer, we’re using Next.js.

For the dark mode style and support we’re using rebass rebass which also serves as the design system hub of the website.

For hosting we’ve chosen Vercel platform which resolved the issue of scalability and reliability of the website.

For the dark mode style and support we’re using rebass which also serves as the design system hub of the website.

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