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OpsGuru enables Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for applications in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and Yandex.Cloud using Terraform and Kubernetes. To bring you the New Year's mood, the OpsGuru team transformed this Terraform code into musical tracks.

Launch project

To showcase this tech experiment, we have built an interactive website with real-time music visualization. Users can interact with beats and create custom musical postcards.

Real-time visualization was made with WebGL.

Each 3D object represents a different infrastructure sound and works as an equalizer. Objects move in particles and change color throughout the beats taking users on a visual Christmas journey.

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Aitarget is a global certified Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat marketing partner and provider of solutions for effective social media advertising. We redesigned and launched the company website for the Russian market.

Aitarget.One Blog

Aitarget’s mission is to create tools that make marketing easier and more efficient for business. We've designed and developed Aitarget.one blog using Webflow.