Quant Guard

Go-to-market MVP for an impossible tech startup: quantum-encrypted file app for B2B business communication. Visualized the UX, fixed the user flow, built iOS and Android interfaces.

Launch project

About the app

Quantum encryption mechanism + mobile usability

The keys for files' encryption and decryption are physically stored in a special box. It can be located anywhere, and, thanks to the quantum mechanism, it is physically impossible to extract the encryption keys from it. At the same time, to use it one would only need their usual smartphone with the app installed, so their workflow remain unchanged.

QuantGuard is a mobile app that integrates with popular services like Gmail, Outlook, Whatsapp, etc. The usual user actions are complemented by just a few new authentication steps. User data streams are then passed through the application and, when inside popular services, are already fully encrypted.

Our contribution

Curves started working with QuantGuard on the idea of the mobile app and encryption service. We helped the team define requirements and developed prototypes of the future application. Together we made several iterations reflecting business logic in the design. It all resulted in a consistent design system and user experience for both iOS and Android.

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