x Parimatch is an e-sports organization, mostly famous for their teams in Counter-Strike and Dota2. Our project was the team's first experience of native betting agency's advertising.

Launch project

The mechanics of the elements' appearance on the map resembled the game ideologically and visually. For this, we invited a well-known artist working in Dota2 style and displayed unique and never-before-seen game- and backstage materials. That way, we were able to shift from direct brand advertising to unique copyrighted content.

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Aitarget is a global certified Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat marketing partner and provider of solutions for effective social media advertising. We redesigned and launched the company website for the Russian market.

Iac Music

We made music and code meet in a New Year special feature for OpsGuru and imagined how to demonstrate some of the capacities of a trendy IaC (infrastructure-as-code) approach in a more festive manner.