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Yandex Practicum team introduced their educational product to the US market. Marketing tasks required clear communication on behalf of the brand which was embodied in this blog. We helped the US team choose a platform for the blog, prototype the structure, develop a design based on the guidelines, and launch the project.

Launch project

Practicum is a fully supported online bootcamp for self-driven individuals who want to succeed in tech. Designed by one of Europe's top tech companies.

We considered a number of solutions for the blog platform. We analyzed available tools with requirements taken into account and offered the team to use Webflow.

We love Webflow as it allows building digital projects relatively quickly (no-code), at the same time offering accurate calibration of the design, working with styles, and adding custom functionality.

The following extensions of Webflow helped solve the communication problems of the product.

- Inserting code. The technology blog cannot run without code examples. We have implemented the insertion of the code snippets with the syntax highlight.

- Multifilters. Using the FinSweet library, we made a two-level filter with which you can find materials of interest based on the profession of your choice.

- Dynamic subscription forms from the Practicum team.

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We made music and code meet in a New Year special feature for OpsGuru and imagined how to demonstrate some of the capacities of a trendy IaC (infrastructure-as-code) approach in a more festive manner.

Career Center

The Practicum Career Center helps students build a career and find their perfect job. We developed design, illustration, development, and product lifecycle management— all together with the Yandex Practicum team.